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Story: How to Write a Captivating Narrative with Examples

The Haunted House

It looked like a normal house from the outside. A two-story brick building with a white picket fence and a well-kept lawn. But anyone who lived in the neighborhood knew better. They knew that this house had a dark and sinister past. They knew that this house was haunted.


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The house had been built in 1890 by a wealthy businessman named Edward Blackwood. He had moved in with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two children, Alice and Henry. They seemed like a happy and prosperous family, until one night in 1895, when a terrible tragedy struck. Edward Blackwood was found dead in his study, with a bullet wound in his head and a revolver in his hand. His wife and children were nowhere to be found. The police ruled it a suicide, but some speculated that it was a murder-suicide, or even a case of demonic possession. No one ever found out what really happened to the Blackwood family. The house remained empty for decades, as no one dared to buy it or live in it. It became a source of rumors and legends among the locals. Some said that they heard screams and cries coming from the house at night. Some said that they saw lights flickering on and off in the windows. Some said that they saw shadows moving behind the curtains. Some said that they saw the ghost of Edward Blackwood roaming around the house, looking for his lost family. Characters

  • One day, in 2020, a group of four friends decided to visit the house. They were bored and curious teenagers who liked to explore abandoned places and test their courage. Their names were Jake, Mia, Ryan, and Zoe. Jake was the leader of the group. He was brave, adventurous, and confident. He always had a plan and a backup plan for everything.

  • Mia was Jake's girlfriend. She was smart, witty, and loyal. She always supported Jake's ideas and followed him wherever he went.

  • Ryan was Jake's best friend. He was funny, friendly, and easygoing. He always made jokes and lightened up the mood.

  • Zoe was Mia's best friend. She was shy, quiet, and cautious. She always had doubts and fears about everything.

They had heard about the haunted house from their classmates and decided to check it out for themselves. They wanted to see if there was any truth to the stories or if it was just a hoax. Plot

Rising action

The four friends arrived at the house on a Saturday night, around 10 p.m. They parked their car on the street and walked towards the gate. They saw that it was locked with a rusty chain and padlock.

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Best story mode games for xbox one 2023 Content --- "Don't worry, I got this," Jake said, as he took out a pair of bolt cutters from his backpack. He cut the chain and opened the gate. "See? Easy as pie." "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Zoe asked, nervously. "What if we get caught? Or worse, what if we encounter something... unnatural?" "Relax, Zoe. It's just an old house. There's nothing to be afraid of," Ryan said, reassuringly. "Besides, we have Jake. He's our fearless leader. He'll protect us from any ghosts or monsters." "Yeah, right," Mia said, sarcastically. "Jake is more likely to get us into trouble than out of it. Remember the last time we went to the abandoned factory? He almost got us electrocuted by a live wire." "Hey, that was not my fault. How was I supposed to know that the power was still on?" Jake defended himself. "Anyway, that was nothing compared to this. This is going to be epic. We're going to make history. We're going to be the first ones to explore the haunted house and live to tell the tale." "Or die trying," Zoe muttered under her breath. The four friends walked up to the front door of the house. It was wooden and cracked, with a large knocker in the shape of a lion's head. Jake reached for the knocker and banged it three times. The door creaked open by itself. Climax

The four friends gasped and stepped back in shock. "Did you see that?" Mia asked, incredulously. "The door just opened by itself." "Maybe it was the wind," Ryan suggested, optimistically. "Or maybe it was an invitation," Jake said, excitedly. "Come on, let's go in." "Are you crazy?" Zoe said, fearfully. "That's a clear sign that we should stay away." "Don't be such a chicken, Zoe. It's probably just a prank or a trap set by some kids," Jake said, dismissively. "There's no such thing as ghosts or hauntings. It's all in your head." "Well, maybe you should use your head and think twice before you do something stupid," Zoe said, angrily. "Enough, you two. Stop fighting," Mia said, peacemakingly. "Let's just stick together and be careful." The four friends entered the house cautiously. They saw a dimly lit hallway with several doors on both sides. The walls were covered with faded wallpaper and dusty paintings. The floor was wooden and squeaky. The air was stale and musty. "This place is creepy," Ryan said, nervously. "No kidding," Mia agreed. "Let's split up and look around," Jake suggested. "Are you kidding me?" Zoe exclaimed. "That's the worst idea ever. Haven't you seen any horror movies? That's how people get killed." "Don't worry, Zoe. We'll be fine," Jake said, confidently. "We'll just check out a few rooms and meet back here in 15 minutes." "Fine," Zoe said, reluctantly. "But I'm staying with Mia." "OK, then I'll go with Ryan," Jake said. The four friends split up into two pairs and went into different rooms. Content --- Mia noticed a music box on the closet shelf. She picked it up and opened it.The revolver was loaded and had one bullet missing. Jake wondered if it was the same one that Edward Blackwood had used to kill himself.The music box played a lullaby and had a ballerina spinning inside. Mia wondered if it belonged to Alice Blackwood, the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth.Ryan noticed a painting on the wall above the fireplace. He recognized it as a portrait of Edward Blackwood. He looked at it closely and saw that his eyes were following him.Zoe noticed a doll on the floor next to the crib. She recognized it as a porcelain doll with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked at it closely and saw that its mouth was open and its teeth were sharp.Jake heard a click behind him. He turned around and saw that the door had closed by itself. He tried to open it, but it was locked.Mia heard a giggle behind her. She turned around and saw that the mobile had started moving by itself. She saw that the figures hanging from it were not animals, but skulls.Ryan heard a voice in his ear. He felt a cold breath on his neck. He heard someone whisper, "Welcome to my house."Zoe heard a scream in her ear. She felt a sharp pain on her ankle. She saw that the doll had bitten her. Falling action

Jake and Ryan panicked and shouted for help. They banged on the door and tried to break it down. Mia and Zoe panicked and screamed for help. They ran towards the door and tried to open it. The four friends heard each other's voices and realized that they were in trouble. They tried to communicate and find a way out. "Jake, Mia, are you there?" Ryan asked, frantically. "Yes, we're here. We're locked in the nursery. Where are you?" Mia answered, desperately. "We're locked in the study. There's something in here with us," Jake said, terrified. "There's something in here with us too," Zoe said, hysterically. "What is it? What do you see?" Ryan asked, curiously. "It's a doll. A creepy doll with teeth. It bit me," Zoe said, painfully. "It's a painting.


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