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Benefit of Parent Partnership

Early Years setting/ nurseries working with parents bring added support to both child and setting.

  1. It brings security to a child, the child feels safe and will trust nursery practitioners when they see their parents trusting the nursery practitioners.

  2. It is beneficial for the setting as the worker's job is made easier. their is trust between nursery and parents.

  3. Better practise improvement, communication is at it's best, it is the key to the success of the nursery.

  4. Better rating when there are evidence of parent partnership is in place.

  5. it can be used to create a shared level of expectation both from the setting to parents and from parents to setting.

  6. As the manager of a setting and also a parent I have been on both sides of the fence, I understand the frustration of not knowing what is happening with your child.

  7. Good parents partnership helps to get the best out of the children and to help them develop to the best of their ability.

  8. Parents like to know what their child is doing at nursery and how they are getting on.

Parent who takes an interest in their child development and continuing home learning see their child behaviour improved.

Their child becoming more settled in the nursery and starts to show signs of belonging and independent skills developed more quickly.

if you are interest in finding out more about the benefit of parent partnership.

here is a link to free downloads.

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