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Everything looks different when you are a child.

The way you process and remember things would be different from an adult.

Childhood memories are precious and should be cherished.

Childhood happy moments are memories that last a life time..they represent a time in our life when everything is simple, our curiosity is at its highest.

Most people remember their first day at school, first visit to the dentist, first birthday party.

As a child growing up my childhood memories are mostly of my time spent outdoor playing. climbing trees, swimming in the river and learning to play the piano.

When I was growing up I did not have opportunities to have or had my picture taken, like child does now.. so most of my pictorial childhood memories are in my mind..

Parents today can capture all their children stages of development on camera.. to be shared with their children when they are older..

It doesn't matter whether we can physical see or childhood memories pictures or they are safely tucked away in our mind.. they are still valuable.

Lets give our children the best childhood memories, by supporting them to have a great life growing up.. something they can look back on and have fun memories.

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