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My Child is home

My teenager daughter went off to University and that was hard for me as a mother. She was the first of my children to leave home, be it temporary! I told myself the distant was ok, I can go visit her regularly..

The expectation of when she comes home, things will go back to how it was before she went off.. I was in for a surprise, she comes home and I still hardly sees her.

Most of her time is spent sleeping or on the phone with her friends..(door lock)

But the pure joy I feel when I have her home, just knowing that I can go into her room and she is tucked up in her bed safe and sound.

As I sit here I can't help but reflect on all that God has blessed me over the years. I am so thankful to have had a healthy and happy family ( seems unreal at the moment),

and as crazy as this sounds, I can't wait for her to finish University.

I know she has her own plans, possible to travel or even live in another country! But, not just yet. I am basking in this moment of pure bliss with my Hubby and girls.

For those Mothers whose children are away from home, let me pray they will return so, and you can experience what I am experiencing right now.

For me the greatest pleasure is sitting down at the dinner table and see their faces smiling back at me. My heart is full with Joy

It's the greatest feeling especially at this time, family is so important and having every one at home is the greatest feel I can ever experience. It is 1 million percent worth it and your heart will melt every time your family comes together and can reconnect. I promise you Guaranteed.

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