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Pregnancy- the journey

Being pregnant is most women dream especially if they are in a loving stable relationship. They want nothing more than to express their love for their partner by having a child.

Others get to a certain stage in lie and decide it is time to have a child, and that’s ok. But depending on the age of the woman this can have many setbacks and health risk.

So at what age should women starting giving this idea some serious thought? Is it better to have children when we are young or when we are older and financially secure. When he have climb the ladder of success and have everything in place to financially provide for a child..

The fact that some women make this decision, and it doesn’t work in their favour. Even a healthy young lady can suffer difficulties.

However, dreams do not always come through, some women have difficult pregnancies, while other are unable to conceived, others had many miscarriages, but went on to have a child.

While I respect medical guidelines, about older women having children and the risk they face. For example, if you are forty years of age the possibility that your child may have health needs, down syndrome condition or other health issues etc. we must admit this is not always the case.

There is always the possibility that a woman of forty age and over can carry and give birth to a health child. The benefit of making decisions about your body is still a woman’s decision.

Some will argue that they would rather carry their baby than have it aborted because medical advise is that there is a possibility the child may have health issues.

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