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"Do you lack the confidence to speak about God in public to others without feeling like you are being judged or looked at funny?
Without looking over your shoulder, would you like some support to get rid of the fear and anxiety.? To move forward and get started in sharing the gospel.
This book will teach you how to use the tools you possess to overcome that feeling of uncertainty. To grow in confidence as you approach strangers, introduce yourself and ask questions, and bear fruits.


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The Good Parent and the Happy Child

Helping Professional Women Awaken their maternal- Parental Instinct and enjoy the transition into Motherhood!   

The Good Parent and the Happy Child

The Good Parent and The Happy Child

The Good Parent and The Happy Child is a book birth from my years of experience working with families. Friends and parents often ask for my advice on parenting their children.
The book is a helpful tool for mature women to discover the strategies for parenting.
Parents who are struggling to adapt to the changes to motherhood and are least prepared for the sleepless nights, the chaotic home environment that comes from having a new addition to the family.
The book is about teaching parents how to develop, their parenting skills to set boundaries, to regain control of their work-life, as well as their home life, and bring about a stress-free home environment. Where children are happy, feel loved and boundaries are in place and parents have time for themselves without feeling guilty.

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