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A Little Bit About The Author

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Helping Professional Women Awaken their maternal-  Instinct and enjoy the transition into Motherhood!   

 Hi, I'm Nicole Bennett Blake 

Nicole Bennett Blake is obsessed with levelling the playing field. In 2021.. Nicole embarked on her journey to become an author to share her life passion for teaching children, building connection in relationship and learning.

Nicole has two degrees, her first in Social Work BA Hon (2002) and Early Years Professional Status (2011) both obtained at the University of North London.

Nicole Bennett Blake began documenting her experiences, learning, and resolutions and is now an accomplished author and CEO of Creative Ideas Solution since 2021.. She is also the owner of an established Children’s Nursery for over fifteen years and currently managing Nicki Day Nursery Ltd.

She is a strong advocate for children. She is best known for, supporting parents with high energy children she involves herself in the well-being of children.

Nicole is known for her work, knowledge, experience, and love for children. She has been a noteworthy leader in her profession and in the position of manager.

Her Professional interests focus on her latest book: ‘

Evangelism Made Simple’ and ‘Stop saying Yes’, her current projects include her soon to be released book: ‘The Good parent and The Happy Child’; Black Card Publisher.

Nicole was recently honored for her contributions for working with children.

Nicole is actively involved in her local church as part of the leadership team and the Director of the Evangelism Department.

She is actively involved with a local Charity Organisation ...

Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, going on holidays, and taking long walks as a way of relaxation and reflection time.

Nicole Bennett Blake is married to Craig Blake, the couple live in South-East London with their three daughters Avon 31, Letisha 25 and Paris 19.

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The Good Parent and the Happy Child
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